Anna Szpunar

Anna is a Business and Life Coach who trained with iPEC and is a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Her mission is to help people embrace their “Entrepreneurial Soul”—to trust their intuition and take action to pursue their dreams, even when it is intimidating, confusing, or difficult.

Throughout her 20 year career in media sales and magazine publishing, Anna has worked with national, international and global teams and brands across Africa, America, Europe, and the Middle East. Six years ago, she followed her own dream and moved from London to New York City. As an expat who had always been very close to family and friends, being so far away from a support network was challenging even though it was exactly what she wanted. She was far from her comfort zone, in every possible way—a new country, new city, new job, new life!

Making such a drastic life change all at once made her realize that change is transformative, but also scary, and it’s easy to become stuck or stalled. She now holds workshops and one on one coaching sessions to help New Yorkers and international clients who are undergoing major life transitions themselves.

Anna’s coaching offers a safe space in which individuals can feel comfortable, explore who they are, and break down barriers standing in the way of their ideal future. She helps them find the energy and motivation they need to move forward confidently in the direction of their dreams.


Anna Szpunar