Belinda MJ Brown

I am a Global Citizen with a twist of French, certified executive coach, mindset shifter and workshops facilitator. I was born and raised in France in a diverse family composed of a French-American white mother and a French Caribbean black father. I moved to the United States with limited (very limited!) knowledge in English and the faith everything would be possible in America. After experiencing executive coaching at age 28 for the first time, I set my mind to become an Executive Coach when I would be a “grown up”. My passion for leadership led me to support men, women and minorities develop rapidly. I founded Equanimity Executive, [e·qua·nim·i·ty] which means calmness of the mind especially in unsettling situation to assist my clients to perform at their best in all areas of their life. I have attracted women and diverse leaders who desire to BE who they are wherever they are. So business and corporate cultures can shift and embrace feminine leadership and diversity development as powerful skills. Without realizing it, I became a women success expert.

My focus can be put into 3 general topics: 1. Executive Presence & Personal Branding (from a mindset standpoint) 2. Women Leadership 3. Leadership in a Globalized & Diverse Environment My extensive experience has proven to be of extreme value for my clients. Some of my work consists of debunking myths and addressing real challenges encountered by my clients in the corporate environment. By becoming self-aware, developing communication skills and embracing their uniqueness, my clients can develop strategies and create new opportunities for personal growth and career success.

Orlando, FL
United States

English and French


Belinda MJ Brown