Carla Balentina-Martina

Carla Balentina-Martina comes from Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean), a beautiful island in Southern Caribbean. She is a Core Energy Coach with more than 20 years of experience as a Manager, Director, and Consultant in the fields Human Resource Management and Organizational Development.

Everyone wants to grow in life and achieve their goals. So does organizations. As a Core Energy Coach she helps businesses, executives, leaders, and teams with a different, more effective and durable approach to go from where they are and get where and who they really want to be.

With her corporate experience as a Human Resource Management professional she knows where the shoes pinches in corporations and where most opportunities lie for further growth.

Besides that, another of her goals as a coach is to help of people on the island to view things from a different perspective, other than from that island mentality that impedes them to go out and connect to the world around them. People on Curaçao and in general in general needs to learn to use their ability to grow and thrive.


Carla Balentina-Martina