Fatima Medjoubi-Ter

Fatima Medjoubi-Ter is the creator of “Joue Ta Vie® The Game that cares for you”, a French revolutionary coaching tool based on positive psychology with a twist of western philosophy. Described by media as a Happiness Facilitator: “a powerful synthesis of both, the European culture (Being) and the North-American culture (Doing)”.

Since 2016, Fatima taught The French Way To Happiness to hundred of psychologists, coaches, teachers, managers, and organizations in Europe. It may sounds like a joke, yet French live their life as connaisseurs slowly enjoying a lunch with coworkers, spending time with family or friends, contemplating nature, reading, having meaningful and authentic conversations, taking time to cook a good meal…

“I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health” said Voltaire, French philosopher.

French knew intrinsically a good life was wholly profitable at every level. And the science of happiness proved it! So you can trust Fatima’s expertise to maximize your experience at the summit, and after.

Fatima’s main mission is to help shifting capitalism into happytalism by 2025! #recreatetheworldnow


Fatima Medjoubi-Ter