Samantha Inch

Samantha Inch is a Certified Professional Coach who helps women in high-stress careers reduce anxiety and design life on their terms. Certified in Applied Positive Psychology, Samantha has created a neuroscience-based approach to help clients manage their minds to manage their lives. As a result, she has helped countless people implement strategies that encourage high quality living.

At Jefferson Health, Philadelphia’s largest academic medical center, she is empowering employees and medical students to cultivate “mind tools” to better prepare for and manage stress, resolve conflict and achieve peak performance. Her learning and development programs, wellness initiatives and academic courses include emotional intelligence, resilience, mindset, gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

Samantha also conducts mental and emotional wellness workshops for small businesses, and serves as a teaching assistant for professional coaches enrolled in the world’s first Certificate in Happiness Studies, created by Tal Ben-Shahar.

Samantha’s passion for helping people who suffer from chronic career stress comes from her own experience. She was once on a blind pursuit of corporate success, victim to the endless cycle of trying to find ‘balance’ between work and life. Through her work in positive psychology, she has transformed her career, mind and life – and is honored to help others do the same. Learn more at


Samantha Inch