Veronica Vidal

WOHASU® Chair of the Global Yoga Community Board, Coach & Yoga Master

Veronica Vidal is an International Yoga Master and Certified Life Coach – Founder of VeroYoga™ and VeroLifeCoach™, programs which support growth by providing holistic resources that assist people to believe in themselves, to overcome challenges, and most of all to be empowered.

Veronica’s science degree in chemistry, blended with a lifelong study, practice and teaching of yoga, creates a unique fusion which bridges science and holistic approach to wellbeing. She has devoted her life to spreading the ancient discipline of yoga to uncommon realms some of which are: training professional apnea divers on the techniques of “breath hold” to improve “bottom time” (in Japan, Sweden, Italy, USA, and Bahamas), implementing a “pilot” yoga therapy program for the Mental Health Department of the high security women’s jail in Puerto Rico (Vega Alta), teaching yoga for the blind at The Lighthouse of Broward (USA) assisting the visually impaired to feel confident in their bodies and stronger in their spirits.

Furthermore, having conducted Cancer Research as a Research Associate, at the Oncology Department of Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Veronica has developed methods which are well suited for cancer patients as part of the process of healing and recovery Her unique teaching style and methods have been featured in interviews on CNN, Univision, and other media channels, as well as a spokesperson for Lincoln Motors National Latina commercial campaign.

“To master the art of breathing, one must strive to make each breath as sophisticated and refined as possible.” 


Veronica Vidal